Horoscope for february 24 born

The astrological sign of Pisces is the fish and Neptune is its ruling planet.

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These individuals enjoy a rich and interesting social life and are quite comfortable in large groups of people. They do have some difficulty finding a true focus in life, but once they decide what they want, they stick to a plan. Despite the fact that they make friends easily, they have a tendency to be loners in life. They are inclined to be sensitive and are quite easily hurt by others.

They have a very strong intuition about people they encounter, and their instincts are usually right on target.

Because they don't like to hurt others, they tend to conceal their true feelings and opinions from others. On the other hand, they have a very good feel for business and often offer others terrific advice.

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Once these people overcome their sensitive nature and boost their self-confidence, they can go places in their lives. Health Individuals born on this day tend to face some health problems due to the absence of a consistent approach to maintain good health habits. Instead of seeking conventional treatment for illness, they try to find a magical cure.

These people tend to suffer from problems related to nervous system. It is vital for them to exercise and to maintain healthy eating habits. Finance People born on February 24 have a strong tendency to be interested in careers in humanitarian fields. Although money is important to them, it is not their primary motivation in deciding upon a career path. They are quite adaptable when it comes to money and are able to cut back spending without too much trouble.

Career People born on February 24 have some difficulty deciding what career path to follow. It is important for them to choose a career that meets their monetary and spiritual needs. They are remarkably good in business, but they are more likely to enter fields that serve the needs of others. Relationships, Marriage and Children Individuals born on this date people tend to be very idealistic when it comes to relationships.

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Often they have very unrealistic ideas about marriage. They dislike confrontation so they tend to hide their feelings from friends and loved ones. They will remain in a bad situation rather than rock the boat. They are intensely loyal to those they love, and they will protect their children at all costs. They have a tendency to be somewhat over indulgent, but they are quite capable of pulling back when necessary.

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February 24, 1967 Birthday Facts

Earl Sweatshirt 25, American. Kristin Davis 54, American. Priscilla Chan 34, American. Dominic Chianese 88, American.

February 24 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

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Jan Koum 43, American. When you experience especially strong waves of emotion, you ride them with great understanding. Your unique planetary influences makes you the most natural romantic of all the Pisces Decans.

Candles inspired by the stars

Your appreciation of beauty, poetry and love causes you to spend much time in the realm of romantic fantasy. Your strong imagination sometimes makes you appear naive, but this is only because you choose to only see the best in the world. Your optimism allows you to be a truly supportive friend, although you may have the tendency to take on the burdens of those you care about. If this is the case, make sure to take time to address your own emotional needs.

Very often, because of this, troubles occur in their lives. They are artistic and use their talents to achieve the goal.

Quite often, those who were born on this day attach great importance to their external data. They try to look perfect and appreciate those who recognize their beauty.

Who know's what is in store for you! Check out your birth date meaning.

Not able to adequately assess the situation. Absolutely not selfish. Some of them often devote their lives to serving their loved ones. But, while always waiting for words of gratitude and appreciation. This primarily concerns personal life. Therefore, it is extremely rare to experience happiness in the family. People whose birthday falls on February 24 often enough choose professions related to art.