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News Hour Member Dec 14, , Lifestyle. Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter. Looking for a professional astrological consultation? Listed below are the most sought-after astrologers in India: 1. Kotamraju Narayana Rao Astrologer. Celebrity Astrologer In India. Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet. Share on Google Plus Share.

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Share on Pinterest Share. Share on LinkedIn Share. Share on Digg Share. Comments 13 comments. Category Lifestyle. Date Dec 14, Previous Article Next Article. She has an impeccable sense of exploration on fashion and lifestyle. Each of her blogs depict her understanding on the subject, which she incorporates in all her write-ups.

The versatile cosmopolite also follows Bollywood closely. With her sheer expertise, she nails it every time by expressing what the readers want to read. You May Also Like. The Leo Season: What does August hold for its ruling sun sign?

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Does it mean it will make you wealthy or does it make you wiser? Predictions by Sundeep Kochar, world renowned celebrity astrologer. More Posts From: Lifestyle. Garmin India introduce fitness watch with their Instinct.

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Reebok launches the first ever technology-infused sports bra that adapts to your body according to workout. Comment List. I like the article as i can read about all famous astrologers in India. Sundeep Kochar is the best astrologer. Informative article. Great work. A well-researched piece and certainly something that helped me. Wow in one article all Famous astrologer in India. You are full of purpose, vigour, and successful with it! October Your focus and priorities will now be home and domestic issues and concerns, for sure. Older relatives, extended family, in-laws and kin take up your attention, time and even financial resources.


So do renovation, decoration, makeovers st home and in the workplace. November You have a zest for life, a high tolerance level for the demands on you. It makes you cope marvelously with changes, vicissitudes children give joy and inspiration.

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December You have a lot going for you, but still much to do. Loans and funds, your profession and even your health could all demanding.

Pets and projects will need attention but do prosper as a result. A hectic end to a busy year.

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In career, business and all work affairs there will be an outstanding success. Finally, I must admit that Saturn could bring about delays and disappointments but Saturn will be in a fine position with Neptune. Therefore, believe in your dreams. What is my final say in the matter? Virgo - Aug 24 to Sep 23 Ganesha says, it is absolutely clear that the overall emphasis will be money this year.

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In money we include inheritance, joint- finance, funds, loans, debts, taxes, and so on This will be the major trend o the year but it will be more so from January 3 to June 3 From June 4 to June you will expand your mental vision and horizon. Journey, evolution, education, success, in undertakings, parental property and creativity will be highlighted. Lastly Saturn will play hide and seek with you. At times, you will be happy at other times full of sorrow.

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You may have problems health with the stomach, ear, eye, jaw, mouth and throat. This is not the time to spend in haste. There is a possibility of being cheated and happy. Jupiter is your saviour and Jupiter means good luck. Libra - Sep 24 to Oct 23 Your Ganesha devotee has stressed the relationship factor a great deal.

It will be very much in evidence, and very specially, between January 3, and June 3,, but the trend will continue for the whole year. The second trend of finance, tantra-mantra, court cases, new beginnings will gather force and momentum from June 4, to June 11, Joint finances and loans will be the special features.

Lastly as Saturn is in your sun sing by Western astrology, there will be ready for it. Please remember the words of Sathya Sai Baba: If you work for it and if you have faith in God, you will have harmony and progress. Scorpio - Oct 24 to Nov 22 Your Ganesha devotee has stressed the relationship factor a great deal.

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Sagittarius - Nov 23 to Dec 21 Health and wealth, romance and adventure , attachments and separationsare the milestones on the highway of Finally Saturn will help you in solidifying and making secure your income and gains. But Saturn will also be responsible for losses and separations from your dear ones. I mean there is a possibility of it. Nobody can have everything in life.

But the broad picture is extremely pleasant and profitable. Capricorn - Dec 22 to Jan 20 Home, house, renovation, decoration, office, shop, property are strongly emphasized for the first six months of the year.

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The next six months of this of this year and first six months of matters of the heart, children, hobbies, amusement, will be the main theme, the central idea. Both the trends will certainly overlap each other. Lastly, Saturn will be in or remain in your 10th angle of achievement till October 5, You will achieve much.