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Almost 30 Inspired by our transition from our 20's to our 30's, we realized that it's so much more than that. We aren't experts or guru's, but we are your new best friends learning right along with you. Our guests will leave you laughing, reflecting and feeling less alone. What's even better is that we are an online AND offline global community that meets IRL and continues to thrive on love, support, and connection. Categories general Society and Culture.

All Episodes Archives. From there, we went into Download this Episode. We could also feel intellectually compromised as a lack of planets in air signs makes it hard to think.


We can take on the authorities. We can speak to the boss or the government agency involved. We are lent support to go deep and willingness to release what has been unconscious and holding us in separation from our artistic musings, from deeper acceptance of the unique and powerful soul we are.

Pisces is very much connected to Art, for it is the sign not only of spirit but of imagination, which uses the vehicle of the Arts to express itself. Where are they telling the story of NOW, of what it means to take a stand at these most dangerous and beautiful times of cultural transformation?

Art is one of the blessings of Pisces. And they need to take themselves seriously and tell us the story of our times. The revelation of truth may not be comfortable, but it is the first step toward finding solutions to our problems. Thank you for sharing all of these incredible insights. So grateful for this space. L says: Feb 28, Reply. Could not have said it better, Juliet.

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Shaula Vega says: Feb 28, Reply. I love this website! Patty Velasco Smith says: Feb 28, Reply.

Steve says: Feb 28, Reply. Marcy says: Feb 28, Reply. Kelly Ann says: Mar 1, Reply. Thank you for sharing. Sean says: Mar 1, Reply. RMC says: Mar 1, Reply. Evaafter says: Mar 1, Reply. Kate Baxter says: Mar 1, Reply. Beautiful beautiful post! Loren Lotus says: Mar 1, Reply.

Say hello to the REVOLUTIONARY MYSTIC in you.

Judy Martin says: Mar 1, Reply. Thank You! As a Virgo, I found the art work challenging. Food for thought though. Joy Traxler says: Mar 1, Reply. Athene says: Mar 2, Reply. Suzanne says: Mar 2, Reply.

*12222* MYSTIC MAMMA Moon Calendar

Emma says: Mar 2, Reply. Greg Owens says: Mar 2, Reply. Thank you for sharing! Cyndi C says: Mar 2, Reply. Maureen says: Mar 2, Reply.

What’s a modern mystic?

Thank you for all of this information and insight I knew I was feeling called To make art today and I now I know my intuition is wise and strong. I love you! Loretta says: Mar 8, Reply.

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