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Although others have much to learn from their dedication, they can have a one-track mind and a tendency to deny themselves opportunities that could potentially enrich their work.

Daily Horoscope March 2, 2016 - Venus Sextile Uranus - Sidereal Astrology

It is important for these people to make sure that their personal convictions neither exclude the possibility of change nor alienate them from the closeness and security of personal relationships. They need to be especially careful of this tendency between the ages of eighteen and forty-eight, during which period there is an emphasis on assertiveness and activity, and their personal vision is most likely to dominate their lives.

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The personal vision March 2 Zodiac people dedicate themselves to so passionately is often one that tries to make positive changes to their world or environment. This is challenge enough, but by far the greatest test for these devoted souls is that of balancing their personal needs with the needs of the world.

If they are unable to find that sense of balance, the people most likely to suffer are those closest to them.

They are the politicians or the campaigners devoted to their party who are never there for their loved ones; the artists or writers absorbed in their work but neglectful of their family, especially their children. If, however, people born on this day find a way to bring harmony both to their own personal lives and to the wider world, their unwavering dedication to their personal vision gives them the potential to be powerful and potent forces for positive change and progress.

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When people born on March 2 Zodiac fall in love it is an undying and devoted love, but their unstinting adoration of their partner, children or any other person who inspires them can run the risk of stifling them. It is therefore important for these people to learn to develop a more detached and independent attitude not just toward their work, but also toward their personal lives.

People born on this day have a tendency to isolate themselves and this can have a negative effect on their health and well-being. They need to make sure they get out into the world, as they have a lot to offer it. All kinds of exercise that involve other people, such as team sports or aerobics classes, will benefit them.

March 2 Birthday Horoscope

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