Blood moon march 4 2020 astrology

On the 23rd of October, the Sun moves into Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of death and transformation. The months ahead call for a period of self-transformation. We are all here to experience the transformation and evolution of self. The sun in Scorpio helps shine light on the areas in our lives that we might need to focus on. The card pulled for this week is waxing Crescent, Awareness. As the moon turns once again to new and the veil between realms gets thinner and thinner you might feel your awareness of the spirit realm heightened more and more.

Your sensitivity is increasing.

This Week in Astrology

Remain flexible and aware of your own personally energy flow and follow your intuition before making any decisions. Focus on the bigger picture and learn from your past. You are being shown ways to transform yourself to better align with your highest self. Have faith that you can move forward with more wisdom and understanding than ever before. We have also received many applications for our part time position! Thank you SO much to everyone who applied! We are also SO excited to announce pre-orders for the planners!

We have worked hard all year to be sure they would ship well before the holiday season. We have made several changes to the planners this year and appreciate your input! The new planners will be lighter weight than last year. We change our binding so that it is lighter and stronger. The cover is lighter but still features holographic printing.

Each planner includes a bookmark. This year, the stickers will be sold separately, but the first pre-ordered planners will include the sticker set and our intention writing ritual kit! A reiki infused intention pen and pad of paper specially designed by us for use in day to day intention making or sacred ritual. These will be sold in our new online store coming this new year!

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Happy New Moon! The new season is almost upon us and soon the trees will shed their leaves and prepare for the darker half of the year. Mabon is the threshold for the darker half of the year. A balance of light and dark, the Autumn Equinox gives us a balance of day and night and is a beautiful reminder of balance and harmony within and without.

This year the Autumn Equinox falls on Sept. Like the trees, we can prepare and shed our leaves too… anything weighing us down, limiting beliefs, habits or patterns that no longer serve us. This ceremony will help you shed what no longer fits into your life and help you invoke what you truly desire for the rest of the year and darker half.

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You can do the first half of the ceremony tonight on the Full Moon tonight and finish the ceremony on Mabon as well. What does your intuition guide you to do? Go out on a nature walk and look for hints of Mabon, or the new season, around you and connect with the trees and their wisdom. Bring a basket with you and forage for falling leaves. Ask the trees for their permission to take their leaves and thank them for their gifts. Choose how many leaves call to you. And only choose leaves that have fallen to the ground already. These leaves represent what is falling away and what you are shedding from your life.

Bring these leaves home and light your black candle within your cauldron or the fireproof container. On each leaf, write one thing you are letting go of with the black pen. When you are ready, take each leaf one by one, and light the leaf on fire.

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Keep the ashes in your cauldron and on your altar until you are ready to do the second half of the ceremony. Make sure you burn the black candle down completely before you begin the next half of the ceremony.

You can burn it all at once or daily until it is done. When you are ready to do the second half of the ceremony, make sure you have the ingredients and everything ready near or on your altar. Take your cauldron with the ashes and candle wax and go outside and bury them in the ground. You can say this blessing while you do so:. Bring the cauldron back in and place the white candle in it. Light the candle and call in the Spirit of Mabon to bless your ceremony as you begin to call in your desires and what you want to step into now that you have shed your leaves and the burdens weighing you down.

I call in the Spirit of Mabon to bless this new season in my life. Guide my intuition as I seek my desires and embody the lessons I have learned. With a grateful heart I am ready to thrive and call in this new energy with ease and joy. May this new season be fruitful and for the Highest Good of all.

With your ingredients and Mortar and Pestle begin to make your Mabon incense, using equal parts or whatever feels good to you. Bay leaves - write blessings and what you are calling in or focusing on until the next Spring Equinox. Any other herbs that feel like Autumn to you nutmeg, cloves, star anise, etc.

Happy New Moon!

Start with the bay leaves and taking one leaf at a time grind it in the mortar. Say this blessing with each one:.

As you grind and blend the rest of ingredients together, focus on this new season unfolding for you, what you are looking forward to, what you are excited about and what you would do and feel embodying these new energies you are calling in. Infuse the incense with your beautiful intentions for this new season ahead of you! After you create the incense to your liking, store it in your special container for it and sprinkle some on your white candle. You can also move the white candle out of the cauldron and burn the incense in there.

First Quarter Moon in Pisces

As the incense is burning say this prayer:. Spirit of Mabon, I offer these sacred herbs with my desires I am ready to claim. Now you have a beautiful incense with your Mabon blessings and desires infused into it! Keep the rest of your incense and white candle on your altar and every time you light the candle burn the incense and tap into the energy you felt while you were creating it! We hope you have a beautiful Harvest Moon, Blessed Mabon and new season ahead!

Thank you so much for your input with the cover design of our planner! We had over entries! We love that you all are involved and it really helps us! The majority voted for the Wheel of the Year design and purple galaxy!