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As your forecasting, i get this year good Job, good money, best carrier Job, best life experience, Start getting what i was deserve. Youre so random. As a virgo man, i just want to know where you came from being that you are a pisces and this is a aries virgo post lmaooooo.

AQUA women are nuts….. I have to agree with Lisa about Pisces seeming to mess things up in a relationship. Like hey! We are nice people! I am a pisces man and I recently met a scorpio woman and this is really true. She started off being the one who gave me hints that she liked me and this in a way got me by surprise so I hid my emotions a bit until I figured it all out. She is just like me only problem is that shes afraid to loose me now that she wants to keep us as friends.

I know I could help her change her mind about that and let her know nothing bad will happen.

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Never make a scorpio woman mad and let her know you love her back right away! I love u AJ. I am a Pisces woman dating a Scorpion man for about 4 months now, i noticed he helps calm my frivolous part down, kind of stabilizes me, am far from being a dreamer, am a doer, he seems more like the type who likes being in his comfort zone while am restless, always wanting to rise above every level i attain. Emotionally and sexually, this relationship seems to be the bomb but beyond that, am still weighing the options of marriage with him cos i like articulate people and my guy must be a doer anytime, any day.

I am very sincere to my cancer mate, i mean extremely sincere with her, but in my earlier years as i had a curiosity finding a mate, it drove me in the end to unwanted sexual association with the candidate. Result was i had a deep sexual contact with a person in my earlier life. Now, i am sincere with my present Cancer girl. But now i am with her and i am sincere to her forever. What is a expected response or reaction of her?

Pisces - Building on YOUR TRUTH! - September 2019

Or any advice on how should i tell her the situation, i am afraid as cancers are sensitive, she may leave me forever in which my whole life will be ruined? And Hurt You? I am in the process of a divorce from an Aquarian man. We were together 17 years.

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It was rocky from the get go. I will have to agree with the whole Pisces women need much attention and affection and mine refused to do that for me!! In the end, he lost!!!! I feel that if only he could agree with me on the necessity of communication and honesty, we could be truly happy with the world, living together. We have fights all the time about redundant and minute things, and I want to talk thoroughly about it with him, but he refuses to and tries everything even sex to get out of talking. Wish he would lower his pride sometimes. I am a scorpio woman and i have been friends with this pisces man for about 1year and a half our friendship has been slow but the chemistry that we have with each other everytime we are around each other just drives me crazy i love this man he completes me i hope that our friendship can oneday go to the next level its destined.

Every Scorpio I have ever dated cheated on me, gotten another woman pregnant, or was living with his baby mama whom he never mentioned before. They are very controlling, argumentative, and very obsessive.

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It has gotten to the point where I actually run away when a guy says he is a Scorpio……I am serious. I am a pisces man who just recently Feb.

12222 – Work, Opportunities and Finances

Everything I have ever read about the compatability of our signs together fits us perfectly. A word of advice to the pisces male with a scorpion female: let her have the control. Put your foot down when appropriate, but be wise about HOW you do it. They are the most loyal companions you could ever ask for. I love my scorpion wife sooo very much. So will you.

Lucky numbers are 1 and But can you do that? Lucky colours are blue and cream. Lucky numbers are 21 and Today should be fun, light and easy, so enjoy the happy vibes. Your intellect and spiritual awareness will reach a monthly peak as Venus travels through your ninth house of the higher mind. Let it flow. Dealings with foreigners and cultured types are also favoured.

Romance heats up as well, so do something special for your beloved. You may do well through travel and artistic pursuits too. Lucky colours are bronze and raspberry. Lucky numbers are 9 and What do you have in mind? This is an especially introspective month during which you have the chance to truly uncover your personal strengths and talents.

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A taste for the out of the ordinary is favored this month. Public relations work, promotion, and other such activities are favored. It is more about how you communicate yourself than the essentials of what you are saying that helps influencing others to you.

This stems from your strong and sincere desire for peace and harmony. Everything that you undertake is sharpened, heightened and vitalized, and yields truly pleasing results.

12222 – Highlights and Focus Areas

You are likely to be more planned in your actions, as you become aware of the subtleties of human relations. This is a time when your best course of action is to recognize that you need, or rely on, others for support. You can become addicted to the thrill of getting to know a person inside and out, and to the power of love and sex.