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If you feel you play the role of an exiled person, remember the wisdom and perspective inherent in that role. If you are inspired by your career, consider what you can do to uphold integrity in your work. The first lunar eclipse is happening in your 3rd house of local trips, familiar people, social media, and personal habits. The question of how you communicate to those in your daily life is up right now, this includes conversation with spirit if you have a daily prayer practice.

Commit your heart to your local community and expressing the truth of yourself to these people. Nurture any grief you have around communication with these folks or spirits; and nurture your community. You have what you need. The second solar eclipse is happening your 9th house of higher education, law, and spiritual truth. Consider those educational, scholarly and spiritual communities you are a part of and the way you seek higher truths.

January 12222 Eclipse Astrology

There may be a way to release rigid, old belief structures. Consider the way these structures impact your mind and the minds of the greater community. Consider what you can do to uphold integrity in your spiritual and scholarly communities. The first lunar eclipse is happening in your 2nd house of finances and personal resources. The question of how you value yourself and your money is at play. Commit your heart to valuing yourself and discover your own heart as a resource!

Nurture any grief you may have around self-worth; you are a brilliant flame! Consider how your self-worth is tied to personal finances; and what it would take for you to be truly fulfilled. Desire to acquire more finances may be an illusion preventing you from seeing all that you are; you have what you need. The second solar eclipse is happening in your 8th house of shared resources, and shared worth. Consider those tightly bonded relationships where emotions, finances, and other things are shared between you.

Consider if there is rigidity in these relationships and if something can be released from your sphere or from the two of you. If you feel exiled from or in your relationships, look for insight and wisdom from the hermit. Remember your sacred flame and the strength of your inherent worth. Consider what you can do to uphold integrity in your shared relationships. The first lunar eclipse is happening in your 1st house of self and body! The question of you, your identity and self-expression is up right now. Who are you and what do you want to grow into in this world? How can you lead with right action and an open heart?

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Commit yourself to your radiant heart, and embodying your inner light. Consider what it means to be a solar person and what leadership means to you. Nurture any grief you have around self-expression and embodiment; the great mother is embracing your sign; remember your shining self. The desire to become better is an illusion that masks your inherent worth; you are enough.

As a Leo, you are connected with the heart of any community and have an ability to recognize outsiders. Consider the way you interact with those different from you, who are elites or exiles. Consider the illusions inherent in your perceptions of these people, and remember your compassionate heart is a strong compass to navigating these relationships. Consider what it takes to maintain integrity when interacting with others and in partnerships. The first lunar eclipse is happening in your 12th house of secrets, sabotage and solitude.

The life of your inner, secret self is being highlighted right now. Remember what is means to have inner courage, even if the world can not see it. Your experience of leadership may depend on your ability to cultivate your inner confidence. Some of these experiences may be on a subconscious level or they may be informed by childhood fears. Find the vitality in your hidden self and nurture the heart; there is much to be gained from a deeply cultivated hidden realm. The second solar eclipse is happening in your 6th house of health, work and routine. Consider the structures that inform your daily life, work, habits, and how they might be released or re-worked at this time.

Consider what you could do to release habits that detract from your inner vitality; and instead reinforce structures that support your inner vitality. In your work if you feel exiled, remember that sacred secret flame that you cultivated. Think of ways to share this flame through your daily work with integrity and wisdom. And consider reinforcing social structures that support your daily work and health. The first lunar eclipse is happening in your 11th house of social groups, community and benefactors.

Sharing and receiving love with the outer world is important; sharing camaraderie with your fellow humans is the magic of the hour. Tend this sacred flame, for now it is vital. Nurture any grief that comes up around community; your fellow humans may have something tender to offer. The second solar eclipse in Aquarius is happening your 5th house of creativity, art, love, children and self-expression. This is the area where you creatively actualize your potential.

Consider the ways these structures could be outdated, or if your personal expression has become too rigid.

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Consider the ways in which you are inspired by your community to create and the ways you can express yourself with integrity. Even if you feel exiled by the way you express yourself, as long as you act with integrity, the product that you create will be resilient. The first lunar eclipse is happening your 10th house of career, recognition and public image.

The sacred flame of Leo shines in this realm. Consider the ways you can grow in your career through nurturing your work. If you have planets in Leo, you may be a natural leader; remember to lead with your heart and with your courage. If there is grief around your public image, call on Ceres to guide you and nurture you. If your desire for public recognition consumes you, remember to find work that brings happiness in the doing of it rather than in the reward. Find a role that calls your heart to commit.

January’s Super Blood Wolf Moon Is a Can’t-Miss Lunar Eclipse |

The second solar eclipse is happening your 4th house of family, home, roots and ancestry. I loved your Virgo forecast this month as my ascendant is Virgo decan 3 as well… it looks pretty promising on both accounts.

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Can I ask simply because all my googling has come to naught — would you say Uranus square natal Ceres is a disastrous aspect? Nothing has to be disastrous. It makes sense that you would have an aspect like this going through a custody battle. Hi Jamie its libra decan 3 this jup,pluto and uranus transit this january giving me a headache, some kind of legal and struggle with authority so how wud be in end for libra decan 3. I would be interested to know what affect this may have on us.

You do, I bet — and all will culminate over that weekend. Just be sure to be very realistic, because Neptune will oppose the moon. Sometimes we all make assumptions about things, especially in a relationship, but we can be off.

Daily Horoscope: January 31 - Attention! Lunar Eclipse!

I had a boyfriend who lived a little far from New York and used to say over and over how much he adored New York. One day I was curious and asked, when do you think you would move here? He became upset — he said he would never move to New York. I told him I assumed he would from what he had said about the city, but he vehemently disagreed — loving a city did not mean he would move there.

That was to later change — eventually he did move to New York, but in the end, things did not work out, for in several years, he missed his home city and his relatives — so he moved back. Thank you, Jamie.