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So during Saturn transit in Sagittarius, they will get the good results for the 8th house like sudden rise, gains, help from in-laws etc. In short, their 8th house will become auspicious and despite the bad position of transit Saturn they should not worry much about Saturn transit in their 8th house but due to the transit of Saturn through their 8th.

Also, they should not worry over the fact that Saturn is going to a bad house instead they should prepare for the weakness over their 9th and 10th which will be there due to Saturn transit in 8th house. Same way you need to consider the house from where the planet is going to transit check if that house is auspicious or not.

For your quick reference to all houses except 6th, 8th and 12th are considered as malefic whereas 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 10th and 11th house are considered as benefic.

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If both lordship of the planet and the house where the planet is going to transit is auspicious then the whole transit will prove auspicious. Most of us are quite aware of the general principle that a planet in transit from bad houses i. We are also familiar of the fact that the transit of natural malefics i. Now you should know the general effects of each planet in transit while passing through each house of the horoscope. But still there is something missing which can gauge the magnitude of good and bad effects and the next paragraph is going to deal with it. I have written in detail about ashtakvarga plz do look at it, I will be adding more content to it.

So, in Ashtakvarga Analysis of Transit, if a planet has more then 4 benefic bindus then that transit will give good effects irrespective of its position and lordship. For example, currently, Jupiter is in Libra and for Tauras ascendant natives is passing through their 6th house.

Here if Jupiter is having more then 4 bindus in the sign of Libra then the result of Jupiter transit into Libra will prove good for them. Here from my own personal experience, I want to make you aware of the fact that even if ashtakvarga bindus are more than 4 i. For example, Jupiter is a malefic planet for Tauras ascendant and its current transit through Libra in their 6th house will still give some negative results even if Jupiter has more then 4 bindus in ashtakvarga of Libra.

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Now you have seen I have written 4 bindus quite a few time and want to tell you that for planet Saturn there is an exception where more then 3 ashtakvarga bindus is considered as good because the total ashtakvarga bindus contributed by Saturn is only 39 and is rare to see more than 5 bindus in a particular sign. For other planets, easily you can consider more than 4 bindus for good results during their Transit through a particular sign.

Once you carry out all the exercise given above you will be easily able to figure out the magnitude and kind of results a transit is going to give for you. So far above I have covered the important points which can help you to read Transits accurately but as mentioned in the very beginning that Transits works as per promises of the Horoscope and works under running dasha lord.

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And one needs to connect the dots or I would say need to make a connection with the running mahadasha and the promises reflected in the Horoscope. If you understand and master this, then you can easily read a transit chart and your interpretation of transit cannot go wrong. We all know Yoga in Astrology can be good and bad and they usually decide how much we are going to gain in our life.

For example, if someone has clean rajyoga in your Horoscope then it is an indication that you will rise high in life. Now transit of planets are very important here because they will have a big say when the person will reach the peak of the rajyoga. Suppose a person has Pisces ascendant with Hamsa Yoga in his horoscope and his Jupiter-Jupiter dasha is running which roughly goes for 2. Not all 2.

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But if you look the next transit of Jupiter in in the sign of Scorpio you will see that planet Jupiter will be transiting over their 9th house and will aspect the ascendant via its 9th aspect. So a clean cut indication of what is going to happen in the Horoscope of that person and easily he will reach its high time when Jupiter will be in Scorpio.

You can even fix the month here or even day when big auspicious events will happen but that requires an intense practice and some other technique of Astrology. Suppose there are two people with Aries rising where one is married and another one is not and current transit of Jupiter is transiting through their 7th house. The married person have combinations for bad marriage or a married life but still, he or she is able to pull it off by sheer patience.

But since it is reflected in the horoscope that the person is going to suffer in marriage it has to happen with him or her and here transit can ignite the fire and can cause the issues in their life and here Jupiter can do that due to its transit over the 7th house. Know More.

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Jupiter had a long gandanta in March — April, and now this repeat gandanta will address issues that were dominant then.

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Venus is in full dignity in ints own sign from 3 to 27 October. It will lift the energy up for all. The feel-good factor gives boosts to relationships and promotes love. Venus will create Mlavya Mahapurusha and shower blessings of goddess Lakshmi of wealth and good fortune for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. It is expressly excellent transit for Libra who has had a challenging few months. Now they can bask in the beneficence of Venus. Sun does his annual foray in Libra from 17 October to 16 November. Sun is farthest from the earth during its transit in Libra and it lacks vigour.

However, this year as Venus is also in Libra to 27 October; it is uplifting its energy and cancelling the weakness. We will start feeling its impact after 27 October.